Bad Touch! Sexual Harassment!

November 27, 2008


I’ve learned a lot of things during my 20-something years here on this realm; how to eat ice cream using chopsticks, how to pretend to be a gurl in the interwebs, how to make glue and liquid paper smell like semen(add a curly hair for added effect) etc etc. And then there are things that I’ve learned on one of the finer things in life: Sexual Harassment.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this before, as both  the harasser and harasee. Your dad’s freaky fratmate that likes to hug you.  That gay guy who somehow knows your phone number and home address. That friend with a rather large set of bewbage, just waiting for your elbow to squish in between them with full force, accidentally of course. Right. We’re all guilty of this, especially us guys. I was recently harassed by a chick and a not-so-chick, I would have returned the favor(to the chick) if we weren’t in the middle of a 7/11 store. This is pretty much why I’m making this post.


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Know your fetishes!

November 21, 2008


Badeyes Mcblind, stealing memes from MR.POOLE’s site, thinks that knowing your fetishes and preferences is important!

Save the image, edit in paint, use bucket tool and click thy fetishes, upload, paste the url in the comment field, ????, PROFIT!


Click thumbnail for full reso.


Here’s mine:


Click thumbnail for full reso.



Thanks to a guy we’ll hide under the name SHANAISHOT for linking me to the im/a/ge.

Edit: Here’s Mr. Siopao’s colorful fetishes:


Click thumbnail for full reso.



Edit 2:

Badeyes McBlind: Buruma?
SHAX: bloomers
SHAX: gym shorts

Too lazy to edit the images!


Put exactly five points per opposite side pair in the chart! Eg. 5 in Female, 0 in male. 3 in Cute, 2 in Beautifule etc etc.