Pers Day Pak! The Adventures of 10899588!

January 7, 2009


Let’s do the fuck, let’s do the first daaaaay fuck!


Hello, kiddies! I just want to take this opportunity to announce that I am once again a FRESHMAN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hello po ate. Help me, I’m lost >:). But I’m sure you’ve already heard of the delightful news, especially if you’re a one-o-five or one-o-four friend since I’ve been shouting my one-o-eight-ness all day long. Ne, senpaaaaaais? 

So I’ve started my CSB life yesterday at the orientation. It’s nowhere as good as DLSU’s LPEP, but the facis(I’M OLDER THAN THEM LOL) were too very energetic and hospitable. But yeah, it’s pretty boring. I only attended in hopes of meeting a Korean chick; but alas, their Zerg hivemind detected my evil scheme and withrew their forces. So I was stuck there in a room full of strangers, most of them aren’t even in the same course. And unlike DLSU’s LPEP, they were very apathetic. My LPEP was wild and noisy because I had 4 LSGH batchmates who became my blockmates, the CSB orientation on the other hand was oh so quiet(except for the facis, who did their best to lighten up the mood) and even awkward at times.

After an ice breaker called Fusion(I love this game!), the group finally started to loosen up. But then we had to sit through speeches and videos about the Lasallian Core Values and all that jazz. Yayz, I get to learn the prayer and alma mater again! Then they showed us various vids, most of them were cool  and entertaining. Until they showed that crappy I’d rather be Green than be Blue vid made by my lower classmen 3 years ago for their music subject in high school. I should really stop comparing the sister schools lol. CSB has prettier chicks!

So the day was pretty much a disaster. Maybe because of an incident that involces a certain girl who looks like Cel Opaco who got away fromy my clutches FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. But I got to meet some interesting people, won’t get lost in the campus anymore(but I’ll still pretend to anyway in hopes of meeting wimminz) and I at least know some of my MMA peers.


So the orientation was a flop, but the real term started today! Here is the list of BS FLOATING ABMMA subjects that I have for this term:

  • ORDEV-A – Orientation and Development of Values A
  • HISTORY – Philippine History
  • POLIGOV – Politics and Governance
  • JOSERIZ – Jose P. Rizal
  • GEPSYCH – General Psychology
  • NATSCA1 – Human Factors in Design
  • PEONEPF – Physical Fitness (aka Aerobics)


    I had a 7am class(Aerobics) today, I arrived 15mins late to see my blockmates(some of them are cute YUS!) leaving the Dance Room saying that the prof ditched us. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-

    I woke up at 5am for NOTHING! So I said to myself “ok, pak dis..”. Being the responsible christian achiever that I am, I did the fuck, the first day fuck and didn’t attend the rest of my classes. GO ME! So yeah, my REAL first day will start tomorrow with a 3hr class(NATSCA1) about “ergonomics and anthropometrics”, lolwat? But I’m sure that I’ll be motivated to go tomorrow, the SDA bldg is full of chicks! Especially the Fashon Design chicks! YUS!


    PS. The Benildian song thingie sucks. Srsly, change pl0x.

    PSPS. I broke the diet again today. I’M SORRY FIEL! It’s only a quarter cup of rice and buffalo wings!

    Badeyes McBlind starring in “The Ultimate Test: The CSB Entrance Exam”

    November 16, 2008



    I took my CSB entrance exam this afternoon and here’s what I’ve learned:

    ಠ_ಠ It’s okay to not bring ballpens – Just borrow from the proctor. CSB understands it’s future students!  I overheard “SHIT! Bolpen!” quite a few times today. I even said it myself, but at least I bought a couple from National Bookstore before entering the campus. 

    ಠ_ಠ Arriving very late is fine – CSB cares not for punctuality!

    ಠ_ಠ Some people actually took the exam seriously – ’nuff said

    ಠ_ಠ Stay away from foreign chicks – They will fuck you up! “This is a very impohtant test, yoh leg is very distracting” said the Taiwanese chick beside me. Stop looking at my leg then! She even asked the proctor to stop us from ‘disctracting’ her. Welcome to the Phailippines. Man, she needs to get rid of the sand in her vagoo. She apologized and smiled afterwards, but I really didn’t care. IF ONLY SHE WAS HOT.

    ಠ_ಠ MDAS questions in a college entrance exam – This is just awesome. I overheard some guy complaining to his friend on how the math part was hard coz he forgot how to convert fractions to decimals. Damn, just damn. In a related note, I don’t know whether to laugh or facepalm so I did both at the same time: I FORGOT HOW TO COMPUTE FOR GCF FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-

    ಠ_ಠ 3D pictures suck – Questions involving Mass and Volume were made just to mess with you. Their only purpose is to consume your time. When you see a 3D-shaped drawing, just shade a random letter and move on to the next question.

    ಠ_ಠ Science is for dweebs – Yes folks, there were no Science questions.  Somebody report this to the Science Police or Bill Nye!

    ಠ_ಠ CSB-McDonalds Conspiracy – They purposely set exams on sundays, giving us no choice but to somehow manage to fit all the students and guardians(lol, a lot of people actually brought their parents along, making them wait for 4hrs) at the McDonalds branch across the street. ’tis a conspiracy!

    There you have it, folks! Use this vital information if you suddenly find yourself booted out from your University only to enroll at the one across the street!