Candy Boy: The Animu that LIES

November 26, 2008



So, a certain SHAX forced me to watch a short 4 1/2-episode animu called Candy Boy with the false promise of Lesbo Wincest. There were neither candies nor boys in this animu. Lies and Slander!



The first scene shows twin sisters holding hands while sleeping. HOSHIT! FUCK YEAR! But don’t get your hopes up, that’s about as awesome as it gets. Yes folks, there are NO fanservice in this deceitful animu. No bewbage, no pansu, no real lesbian wincest. Just uncomfortable situations between two twins, their loli sister and this annoying short lesbian with big bewbs. I expected better from you, Japan!



So it’s pretty much your normal slice of life animu, except it’s about twin sisters who shares the same bed, hold hands where ever they go and is stalked by an annoying short lesbo; but nothing really happens between them. Implied wincest isn’t enough, dammit! Still worth watching though, the animu is short and you get to ask yourself if sisters do these things IRL. One can only hope.



Up next: Badeyes McBlind marathons Maria-sama ga Miteru! Catholic All-girl school wooo!

Street Fighter II: The Animu

November 17, 2008


A certain sniper asked me to download the 1996 Street Fighter Anim00ted series for him since since the torrent refused to work for him for some odd reason. I had to bring my heavy external hdd “Cathedral Terra” to schoolNetopia EGI so he can copy the files and share porn animu and vidyas.

When I started to watch the series, one thing that is emphasized is the close bonds between two 17yr old muscle-bound men. I remember the TV ad for some ice cream brand: “Sinong bespren mo do-oon? Syempre ikaw lang!”.  And then I realized something: This is gonna be so Gay.


So happy together.


As the series progressed, so did their friendship. And you all know what that means! Uncomfortable scenes!

Not gay at all.


But hey, those aren’t really scenes that’ll make your eyes bleed. What’s the deal? But then in episode 3, the two muscular men which we shall name “Rey” and “Kenneth” went to Hong Kong, rented the penthouse of an expensive hotel for a week so they can “train” together. Right. Of course, “training” is a sweaty task, so what better way to cool down than a nice swim?



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