Oh god, it’s back!

September 20, 2010

Sooooooooooooooooooo.. I’m back? Sorta? Shut up! I am! Really!


Contacts? [Y/N]

Might get a pair soon just for a change of pace. But a LOT of people are against the idea of a glasses-less McBlind. Which makes me want to go contacts even more. Just to spite them. A good number of them said that they can’t imagine seeing me without my glasses; I would then stand in front of them, remove my glasses and give them this stare: 

There’s also the fact that I almost permanently damaged my eyes last time I wore contacts a few years back. But I’m sure I’ll be more responsible this time around. *cough* Mother dearest told me that I might get laser surgery soon. I dunno, I wanted to be Legally Blind(I’m so close!) first before I take it. Good thing I’m good at stalling!

So there! Class starts tomorrow and IF I continue to post(I really might!), I’d be blogging mostly about my non-comic book hobbies(MTG), Star Craft, crazy shit that happens at CSB, alcohol/mixology and random k-pop images. Maybe.

PS. Getting a haircut this week D: D: D: sad panda now

Know your fetishes!

November 21, 2008


Badeyes Mcblind, stealing memes from MR.POOLE’s site, thinks that knowing your fetishes and preferences is important!

Save the image, edit in paint, use bucket tool and click thy fetishes, upload, paste the url in the comment field, ????, PROFIT!


Click thumbnail for full reso.


Here’s mine:


Click thumbnail for full reso.



Thanks to a guy we’ll hide under the name SHANAISHOT for linking me to the im/a/ge.

Edit: Here’s Mr. Siopao’s colorful fetishes:


Click thumbnail for full reso.



Edit 2:

Badeyes McBlind: Buruma?
SHAX: bloomers
SHAX: gym shorts

Too lazy to edit the images!


Put exactly five points per opposite side pair in the chart! Eg. 5 in Female, 0 in male. 3 in Cute, 2 in Beautifule etc etc.