Necrophilia is Awesome

April 16, 2009

Isn’t it just a wee bit sad that every new blog post I make is a “LOL I’M ALIIIIIVE” post? Well too bad, coz this is yet another one! I IS NOT DEDZ!

The term is almost over. I don’t even need to take my last exam tomorrow but I will because: LEGS. I ‘m pretty sure that I’ll pass everything save for MOTHERFUCKING RETORIKA(your subject is bad and you should feel bad, you senile menopause-ing old hag PS. fuck you). I can finally revert to unproductive bastard mode, at least. FUCK YEAR!

Here’s a random pic from MR. POOLE’s website:

My Nokia 5800’s camera sucks.

I got this shirt at Robinsons Galleria a few weeks ago for like 100 bucks or something. Another example of people profiteering by stealing memes from MR. POOLE’s website. m00tikins is struggling to make ends meet and people earn LOTS from the shit they scavenge and steal from his imageboard produces everyday. Poor m00t ;_; all he wanted was to be a little girl.

ANYWAY, as expected, this post will be followed another FUCK YOU, THIS BLOG IS ALIVE post after a month or so..maybe. Reason: I AM LAZEH. So here’s the things I planned to do on the short summer break.

Things to do:

1. Learn to fucking draw.- I have Freehand Drawing and two other artsy subjects next term, I can’t even draw stick figures.. Why am I an arts student again?

2. Learn to play the guitar – Daddykins left me his expensive Ovation guitar, I think he wants me to use it. I want to play the alto sax again, but I just don’t have the funds to buy a new one.



4. Don’t get darker – lrn2sunblock.

5. Pipeline – This is strict instructions from the best friend.

V-Day! Not this shit again!

February 2, 2009


Hey kiddos, I’m back! And instead of doing my paper due in 5hrs, I’ve decided to make a blog post! YAYZ! Blogging – enriching the minds of today’s youth!


So, it’s that time of the year again. When people either become Euphoric, EMO or even both at the same time. When motels are always full and condom(Okamoto pl0x) sales(or blades for the emo peoples) skyrocket. When everyone gains weight because of all the damn chocolate sales. And when people place bets whether their “manoks” succeeds in wooing their damsels; basking in the glory of alchohol when they triumph or bawwwing their hearts out, trying to drown the sorrow with booze. Either way, we get to consume alchohol so it’s all good.


With the big V-Day only 12 days away, tensions have already risen; I know several people who’ve already made plans with their special someones, or have planned surprises for their targets. Some are already preparing booze to commemorate their victory/defeat(invite me pl0x). Others, like me, have done nothing to prepare and are pretty much panicking on what to do, who to get and how to do it.   What are YOU gonna do?


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