Oh god, it’s back!

Sooooooooooooooooooo.. I’m back? Sorta? Shut up! I am! Really!


Contacts? [Y/N]

Might get a pair soon just for a change of pace. But a LOT of people are against the idea of a glasses-less McBlind. Which makes me want to go contacts even more. Just to spite them. A good number of them said that they can’t imagine seeing me without my glasses; I would then stand in front of them, remove my glasses and give them this stare: 

There’s also the fact that I almost permanently damaged my eyes last time I wore contacts a few years back. But I’m sure I’ll be more responsible this time around. *cough* Mother dearest told me that I might get laser surgery soon. I dunno, I wanted to be Legally Blind(I’m so close!) first before I take it. Good thing I’m good at stalling!

So there! Class starts tomorrow and IF I continue to post(I really might!), I’d be blogging mostly about my non-comic book hobbies(MTG), Star Craft, crazy shit that happens at CSB, alcohol/mixology and random k-pop images. Maybe.

PS. Getting a haircut this week D: D: D: sad panda now


2 Responses to Oh god, it’s back!

  1. Magician says:

    Mixology plox! Especially with that product

  2. Ade says:

    Did… did you just turn into a girl?

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