V-Day! Not this shit again!


Hey kiddos, I’m back! And instead of doing my paper due in 5hrs, I’ve decided to make a blog post! YAYZ! Blogging – enriching the minds of today’s youth!


So, it’s that time of the year again. When people either become Euphoric, EMO or even both at the same time. When motels are always full and condom(Okamoto pl0x) sales(or blades for the emo peoples) skyrocket. When everyone gains weight because of all the damn chocolate sales. And when people place bets whether their “manoks” succeeds in wooing their damsels; basking in the glory of alchohol when they triumph or bawwwing their hearts out, trying to drown the sorrow with booze. Either way, we get to consume alchohol so it’s all good.


With the big V-Day only 12 days away, tensions have already risen; I know several people who’ve already made plans with their special someones, or have planned surprises for their targets. Some are already preparing booze to commemorate their victory/defeat(invite me pl0x). Others, like me, have done nothing to prepare and are pretty much panicking on what to do, who to get and how to do it.   What are YOU gonna do?


For those who don’t know the story, I’m basically torn between two women who kinda look like each other and another girl in one my classes who’se been a bit flirty recently. The first one have known me for 4 years and already knows that I’m a loveable jackass. The only reason I didn’t go for her was because I was already in a relationship when I met her; by the time I was single, my friend had already fallen for her and I to helped him as one of my “manoks”, but he gave up for unknown reasons.

 I’ve only met the other girl 4 weeks ago and I haven’t seen her since. I have FAILED my brothers and the bro-code twice that day by a.) telling her that my phone was busted when she asked for my number and didn’t get hers and b.) for talking to a fellow HS alumni instead of asking her out for lunch, only to find out that she’s gone when I looked back.  I have never stopped looking for her, to the point of getting scouts and pointmen to look for her. I’m obsessed. But it’s been so long, I’m not sure what she even looks like anymore. I think it’s a really bad case of one-itis. Did I mention that they could pass off as sisters? My dilema here is that if I go for one, does that mean I’m going for her coz she looks like the other? And if I fail, should I go for the other one coz they look alike? The chicken or the egg?

 obligatory fanservice image


A challenger appears, enter flirty classmate. Not the type I usually go for, both looks and attitude-wise but there’s something about her that entices me. The way she speaks with both confidence and mystery, the way she makes eyecontact and smiles when talking to you, the way she touches(shoulders, arms etc. don’t bee green minded pl0x) you playfully but you’d feel as if she’s transfering chi(you can feel the energy, like wtfsrsly). It’s weird, but I’m liking it so far.  I’ve never attempted to woo anyone like her before,  I’m not sure if I can even handle her. But it’s going to be very interesting if I decide to.



So here I am. Typing at wordpress instead of MSword. Fighting with myself on which path to cross. But three awesome chicks(Em, Kring and Nezie) have greatly influenced in making my decision. Fuck this, just charge in blindly like I always do!  Thanks, ladies! I owe each of you a cup of tea(or tequilla if I fail LOL).


PS. I’ve always celebrated Valentines by participating at the Love-a-palooza thingie. I’ve missed last year’s event since I was already at Dubai then, here’s to continuing the tradition!

PSPSPS. Screw the paper, I’ll just oggle at that cute chinese chick in my class with an AWESOME fashion sense. Tubetop over corporate attire + short skirt? SO HOT!

PSPSPS. FUCK It’s 3am! I need to wake up in 3hrs! FFFFFFFFFFF


14 Responses to V-Day! Not this shit again!

  1. Ria Jose says:

    Yus! Blogging will save you.

    Wait… What’s teh topic?

  2. lilkittygirl says:

    soooooo.. curiously, sino makakasama mo sa love-a-palooza this year? bwahahahaha! XD ok, im getting mean nao. pinagtatawanan ko si rj >:]

  3. jensen says:

    this was an interesting entry. Good luck blindman

  4. Ade says:

    Just rush in blindly!

    Also, I always consider V-Day as Kris Aquino’s birthday.

  5. Fiel says:

    lol. im making plans too. all signals are too damn green for me not to go for u know who. :D

  6. Kris Aquinno lolwut.

    Goodluck Mr. Meria, I want her assimilated into the barkada asap.

  7. :) says:

    fuck the slutty girl, then fuck 9 more, avoid oneitises.

  8. Ren says:

    LOL I have no plans at all~ Oh well If you fail lets be merry!

  9. JL says:

    So what happened? You got both chicken and eggs? lol

  10. akosigundam says:

    Lemmeguess… hipon ba si #3?

  11. @Ren: Kidnap her! DOO EET!

    @Jim: I’m going for #2. With #1 rooting for me lol.

    @orewagandamoo: Nope, she’s pretty hot. Just not the type I usually go for.



    Turns out that they don’t look like each other after all, I’m just BLIND! SHOCK AND HORROR!

    Expect me to be in a state of bliss or despair in seven days.

  12. Paorou says:

    The flirty one is an assassin.

    She is sending her chi into you, and when the time is right, your heart will explode – and you will be a bloody mess of brain, intestine and muscle on the floor.

    You better watch what nerve points she’s been touching.

  13. Makuluwo says:

    LOL hilarious blog, man. Gonna put you on my blogroll if ya don’t mind! :D

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