Street Fighter II: The Animu


A certain sniper asked me to download the 1996 Street Fighter Anim00ted series for him since since the torrent refused to work for him for some odd reason. I had to bring my heavy external hdd “Cathedral Terra” to schoolNetopia EGI so he can copy the files and share porn animu and vidyas.

When I started to watch the series, one thing that is emphasized is the close bonds between two 17yr old muscle-bound men. I remember the TV ad for some ice cream brand: “Sinong bespren mo do-oon? Syempre ikaw lang!”.  And then I realized something: This is gonna be so Gay.


So happy together.


As the series progressed, so did their friendship. And you all know what that means! Uncomfortable scenes!

Not gay at all.


But hey, those aren’t really scenes that’ll make your eyes bleed. What’s the deal? But then in episode 3, the two muscular men which we shall name “Rey” and “Kenneth” went to Hong Kong, rented the penthouse of an expensive hotel for a week so they can “train” together. Right. Of course, “training” is a sweaty task, so what better way to cool down than a nice swim?



OH YEAH! Thank you very much Japan, I really wanted to see that. To make up for the casualties these images may have given to your eyes, the rest of this post will be dedicated to Chun-Li fanservice.



Did I mention that she’s just 15? You pedoverts!


Let’s have someone over 18 pl0x.


Ok, back to the jailbait.



Nothing to see here, just two men “wrestling”.




4 Responses to Street Fighter II: The Animu

  1. Jess says:

    loooool, want moar of jailbait, with lesser clothes plox. XD

  2. Grecko Abesamis says:

    The Street Fighter II movie has the jailbait in no clothes at all

  3. Jim says:

    Haha now I know SF is just fun for the game. :P

  4. Blogie says:

    The Japanese psyce is so strange, isn’t it? :D

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